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Over the past 10 years Paul Voodini has worked with many of the UK's premier paranormal event companies. He has hosted and presented all manner of ghost hunts, seances, and ghost walks at prestigious locations such as Oxford Castle, Alton Towers, Dudley Castle, and Bletchley Park. He has also worked behind the scenes organising, planning, and selling these events, as well as running his own highly successful Victorian Seance Co. which presents the Jack the Ripper Seance at locations around the UK on a regular basis. Paul has now condensed this decade worth of knowledge and experience into this highly informative, knowledgeable, and amusing PDF.

If you are interested in working in the paranormal industry or have thoughts of perhaps presenting your own ghost hunts and paranormal evenings, this PDF is the perfect purchase. Covering subjects such as what venues to use, what kinds of customers you will attract, timetables for events, and the various styles of ghost hunting event, this PDF is written in Paul's usual entertaining manner. It also contains a selection of amusing anecdotes that reveal the humorous side to ghost hunting!

When you purchase this PDF you will also receive, free of charge, a 60 page PDF entitled How to Host the Perfect Seance. This book covers issues such as how to conduct a seance and other forms of spirit communication, and the kind of phenomena you are likely to encounter. How to Host the Perfect Seance is a wonderful compliment to It's a Ghost! By combining the two you will have at your fingertips all the knowledge you could need to become an expert in the exciting fields of paranormal entertainment, spirit communication, and ghost hunting!

First edition, 2012. 55 pages.

To purchase, please use the PayPal button below. Please note that we endeavour to dispatch all orders within an hour, however as each PDF is emailed by a human rather than a machine please allow up to 24 hours.

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