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Cathy Shadows Bundle
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Cathy Shadows returns with a bundle of work that contains previous releases, releases that have been unavailable for several years, and also new and unreleased work!

In 2012, I released 'Cathy Shadows: Doing it for Real' into the mentalist community. I had no idea how it would be received, but was delighted when it became one of my biggest 'hits'!

Cathy Shadows is the pseudonym of a working psychic and reader operating in the New Age arena. The first PDF that we collaborated on encompassed psychometry, billet work, telepathy, a reading technique, and even a 'which hand' routine all ungimmicked and done 'for real'! The ideas from the New Age community were taken and passed through the Voodini mentalist filter, and can be used 'as is' or as justification for other more mainstream mentalist routines.

Following this success, we released Cathy's Garden (a creative reading system), Cathy's Tarot (a poetical journey through the world of the Tarot), and Cathy's Angels (reading techniques and routines for angel cards). We collaborated on Cathy's Spirit (a guided journey to meet your spirit guide) but this was never released. These PDFs all contain a host of ideas, inspirations, routines, and presentations!

I'm now delighted to announce that Cathy has agreed to allow all these PDFs to be offered as a bundle which includes all the aforementioned work, including the unreleased Cathy's Spirit. The price for all this information, much of it otherwise unavailable, is just 20.

To purchase the Cathy Shadows Bundle, please use the PayPal button below. We endeavour to email out all PDFs within an hour, however as this task is performed by a human rather than a machine, please allow up to 24 hours.


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